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Permata Hijrah product formulated with 2 tabib generated through studies with renowned scholars of Kelantan and Patani through the discoveryof treasure in the old scriptures. These product have been proven to resolve various diseases & external. Permata Hijrah products was manufactured by the factory that the GMP standard approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Permata Hijrah product's were generated by using deluxe ingredient, halal, clean and already mixed by using very particular formula. It had no chemical substance, no intoxicate and can be neutralize chemical substance. Now, our products have famous and was owned distributornot only in Malaysia, but also in Brunei and Singapore.

TEST OUR PRODUCT … YOU WILL NOT REGRET … A combination of traditional and new discoveries modern science by two TABIB proven... ALL OF THE TESTIMONIES ARE SPECTACULAR … INSYAALLAH...

Thank youbecause willingto spend timewith Permata Hijrah.... Your satisfaction is our success...

Alcaline therapy – pH paper show Permata Hijrah Eye Toner neutralized acid

Alcaline therapy – Eye toner clerify iodine

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