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Pahang, Malaysia

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On july 2008, my eye problems getting worse, whenever I started to talk, my eye become red and watery. I had referred the problem to Kuantan General Hospital and the doctor said nothing is serious with my eye.

I was so worriedand stresswith this matter because it giving me a hard time to do my daily work. I used spectacles dailyto do my worksince 1974.I had sufferedto wear spectacles with the watery eye problem.

On 21st November 2008, I heard about Permata Hijrah's product and the benefit of it through IKIM's radio. I was interested with the explanation given so I take a Chance to get the product at Permata Hijrah headquater. I have been advisedto use the permata hijrah'scomplete eye treatment set that contain of Day Toner RM59.90, Night toner RM59.90, Spray Toner RM189.90 and Ainun Toner RM599.00.

Thank God, the pain and watery eye has heal after 3 weeksof using the product and what makes me more happy is that I can read and write without wearing spectacles anymore.

For your information, I only use day and night with the spray worth RM189.00 and yet to use toner worth RM599.00 but I can feel the greatness of the product. For those who suffer from eye problem, I would suggest that you would instantly get the eye treatment set like mine and hope that you too would get the benefit of the Permata Hijrah's product. With God Will.

Lastly, I praised to God for the eye recovering and thank you to Ustaz Ali and Ustaz Zul for formulating the great product. May ustaz effort and business will keep on success.

Thank You.


Abdul hamid B. Jaafar


Tel: 019 2098257

Greeting to Ustaz Mohd Ali Permata Hijrah Kelantan Darul Naim

Firstly, I would like to thank ustaz and his friends for their corcern in producing high quality and amazing Permata Hijrah product. To help the mankind who suffered from eye problem without any other intention.

I have a daughter who sufferred eye problem where she had a watery eye and cried a lot since she was born. For your information, She had a medication from a clinic but it only last a while. When she was 6 months old, I have been advised by a doctor to get her to Tun Hussein Onn Eye Specialize Hospital at Petaling Jaya to find out the cause of her problem since by then she had a white membrane at her black eye whereas her eye size is not normal (her left eye size is bigger). After the check up, the doctor has ibformed that she had glaucoma and has to operate immediately. My mind was not in peace when I found out about my daughter's condition. Her left eye has to be operate as well so the cost of the surgery approximately around RM4000.

She has been out safely from the surgery at her aged of 8 months. The doctor mentioned that my daughter's eye has healed and she is able to have normal eye-sight. I was so happy with the news but what I hope did not last long. My daughter's claimed that she can't see with her right eye while her left eye blur at her aged of 7 years old. I was anxious with her condition then I brought her to optometrist. Upon check up, the optometrist told me that her right eye has damage and she can't see any object or light. The power of her left eye is to high, exceed 400++. My spouse and I are so sad with her condition. I did all sort of treatment including drop air zam-zam in her eye while I say prey to God his kindness. But the result is still the same.

One day, I have read the goodness of Permata hijrah's liquid along with testimonials of the patience that has recovered from their eye problem using the Permata Hijrah's liquid in Harakah newspaper. On Augustt 2008, I have brought my daughter to Shah Alam Stadium where there was a free explanation and treatment session by that time by the staff of Permata Hijrah. I am Convince that Permata Hijrah's product will heal my daughter's eye. Without hesitate, I bought the trial set for eye toner RM59.90, eye spray RM189.90 and eye vein vibration machine RM120.00 after the treatment and explanation from the staff of permata Hijrah.

Thank God, her left eye-sight became clearer while her right eye can now see the big object and lights after 2 weeks of using the Permata Hijrah's toner. My spouse and I really blessed with the God's gift for the goodness of my daughter's eye. I brought my daughter for the eye sight check at the optometrist two months later and I was so happy to be told that my daughter's left eye sight is improving where she can see a smaller and distant object while her right eye can see the smaller object then before. I am more convinced with Permata Hijrah's toner starting that day. I bought the Permata hijrah's eye toner worth RM599.00 directly from ustaz through courier service from kelantan for the next treatment. Up until now, my daughter's eye sight is getting better and I am thankful to God for his blessing on my daughter's eye recovering.

Lastly, I prey Ustaz Mohd Ali and his friends at permata Hijrah to stay on producing his high quality product to help those in needs. My hope is that ustaz's company will always success in the future. If God Willing.. amin...


 Abdul Rashid B. Saad


Tel: 012 5812196

I am glad to inform you about Permata hijrah's eye toner. I had suffered from a cornea problem since 6 years ago and between that period, I had change my spectacles few times. I used to change my spectacles twice a year until the optometrist told me that it can't be change anymore due to the cornea problem. I then went to optometrist clinic several times and apply few mwdication but still don't work. Doctor had advised me to go for operation but I can't affort it.

On 20th Ramadhan this year, I read an advertisement about the permata Hijrah's eye toner product on Harakah newspaper. At first I was hesitating, I talk to myself, is this product going to work since the previous product I used doesn't effective. I called ustaz mohd Zulkifli few days later and from his advised I tried the eye toner worth RM59.90. Thank God, with god will after 3 days using the toner, my vision are recovering and after 2 weeks I can read the newspaper without having to wear spectacles. Now I believe in the effectiveness of hijrah's eye toner from local product.

Thank you.


Abdul Rashid B Saad

Lailaton Azwa waid


Tel: 019 4252454

Praised to God, I don't believe this product before because I thought it was a made up stories. But now, I personally would like to share my experience using this Permata hijrah's toner because of the outcome.

I gave birth to a premature son and he's been in an incubator for almost 2 months. Effect of the excessive oxygen in the incubator, my son had a level 2 of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

According to the specialist, my son has to go for an eye laser if the ROP if the ROP getting higher to level 2+ or 3 or else he will be blind if it reach level 4. There is a bad effect of the laser anyhow..

There is no medication being given since the specialist told me that ROP will recover itself and most babies recovered in short period of time. But I got worried and say a prey so that his eye will recover and doesn't have to go for a laser.

I brought my son to the specialist every week for about 2 months but still the ROP haven't change even though I treat him with few other medications.

Until one day, I read permata Hijrah's toner advertisement in Harakah newspaper and exited to try it. Thank God, when the next check up for the following week the doctor confirmed that his eye has recovered and doesn't need to be laser.

Praised to God for founding me with this eye toner. I also introduce this product to my friends who had eye problem. Now I fully trust that every disease has a cure except death.

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